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Caitlin Downie holds a Master of Arts and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology & Social Anthropology. Her research focus is on identity, belonging, exclusion, and workplace equity. She is active in issues of ant-racism, feminist, and queer advocacy. She has 8 years experience in research, facilitation, and program development and evaluation. Caitlin currently sits on the Canadian Commission for UNESCO Advisory Committee on Racism and Discrimination and was recently presented with an award from the Alberta Hate Crimes Committee for her work


Our Approach

We work with you to develop a comprehensive evaluation of your organization's workplace diversity & inclusion needs, gaps, and opportunities. We use a human centered approach that acknowledges the social and human perspective of any system. We understand the complexity of systems including workplaces and use an equity lens to develop solutions that move the needle on inclusion.

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We are unparalleled in our commitment to delivering quality product that drives positive change. 

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